Starts June 5, 2024 then every Wednesday
Time: to
Location: Pets West Aledo 102 Bear Cat Road Aledo, TX 767008

Utility Obedience: The Ultimate Test of Teamwork and Skill

Are you ready to take your obedience training to the next level? Our Utility Obedience class is the ultimate test of teamwork and skill, requiring a high level of precision, focus, and trust between handler and dog.

To participate in this challenging class, handlers must have earned their CDX title and receive approval from our instructor team. This exclusive group will delve into the most advanced obedience exercises, including:

  • Scent discrimination: Detecting specific scents and ignoring distractions
  • Directed retrieves: Retrieving objects on command, while maintaining focus and control
  • Jumping: Navigating obstacles with precision and speed
  • Silent signal exercises: Responding to subtle hand signals without verbal cues

In Utility Obedience, you’ll work closely with our expert trainers to refine your skills, build trust with your dog, and develop the ultimate teamwork