Starts June 5, 2024 then every Wednesday
Time: to
Location: Pets West Aledo 102 Bear Cat Road Aledo, TX 76008

Open Obedience: The Next Level of Teamwork and Skill

Are you ready to take your obedience training to the next level? Our Open Obedience class is designed for dogs that have mastered the basics and are eager to challenge themselves with more advanced exercises.

To participate in this exciting class, handlers must have earned their CD title and receive approval from our instructor team. This exclusive group will delve into the most challenging obedience exercises, including:

  • Drop on Recall: Running back to you without hesitation, even when distracted
  • Retrieve Dumbbell: Retrieving an object over jumps and flat ground, while maintaining focus
  • Signal Exercises: Responding to hand signals, ignoring distractions and verbal cues
  • Broad Jump: Navigating obstacles with confidence and precision

In Open Obedience, you’ll work closely with our expert trainers to refine your skills, build trust with your dog, and develop the ultimate teamwork. This class is perfect for dogs that are ready to take their training to the next level and learn new skills that will challenge and reward them.