Intermediate Obedience June Class Start

Time: to
Location: Pets West Aledo 102 Bear Cat Road Aledo, TX 76008

Take your training to the next level with our Intermediate Obedience class! This course builds upon the foundational skills learned in Beginner Obedience (prerequisite) and introduces new challenges to strengthen your bond with your dog.
In this advanced class, you’ll refine your skills and learn how to:

  • Master more complex exercises, including:
    • Stand for examination: Develop confidence in remaining calm during physical exams
    • Figure 8: Navigate through cones or obstacles while maintaining control and focus
    • Long sit and long down with handler across the room: Demonstrate sustained attention and obedience from a distance
    • Recall with handler across the room: Practice reliable recall even when separated by distance
  • Begin off-lead work: Learn to trust your dog’s training and navigate without a leash
  • Develop positive teamwork: Emphasize clear communication, mutual respect, and cooperation between you and your dog

Throughout this course, we’ll focus on proofing exercises to help your dog generalize their learning and respond correctly in various environments. You’ll leave the class with a deeper understanding of how to work together effectively with your furry partner.

Prerequisites: Completion of Beginner Obedience or equivalent training experience to be determined by trainer.